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New non-thermal sterilization technology for food

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New non-thermal sterilization technology for food

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(Ultra High Hydrostatic Pressure,简称UHHP,HHP)

Ultra high pressure sterilization technology is the food packaging materials or bulk into the ultra high pressure device. The pressure medium (water or oil) as pressure transfer medium, applying 100-1000MPa ultra high hydrostatic pressure, pressure time in normal temperature or low temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection requirements. The basic principle is the lethal effect of stress on microorganisms. The high voltage leads to physical morphology, microbial gene mechanism, biochemical reaction and cell wall membrane changes in many aspects, thus affecting the physiological activity of microorganisms. Even the original function of the original function damage or irreversible change. The range of ultra high pressure treatment only for the macromolecule solid structure of non covalent binding effect. So the vitamins in food nutrition and flavor substances without any influence, to maintain its original nutrients, and easy to be digested and absorbed, will the formation of the elimination of traditional thermal processing by covalent bond or damage caused by discoloration, yellowing and heating process appears unpleasant odor, such as hot smelly and other defects. Ultra high pressure processing is a purely physical process, instantaneous compression, uniform operation, safety and sanitation, no industrial "three wastes", low energy consumption, is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment and sustainable development strategy to promote. Therefore, as a non thermal sterilization technology, because of its unique and innovative methods, simple and easy operation, is a good application prospects of the technology.

Originated in the end of nineteenth Century, Tameman opens the door of super high static pressure processing technology;

From 1899 to 1929, Hite was found to inhibit the growth of HHP;

In 1974, Wison proposed (pressure + temperature) preservation of food;

1986 ~, the Japanese market appears HHP processed foods;

1992 ~ EU implementation of HPP technology application investment plan, related products listed;

1999 ~ 2000 U.S. market also appears HPP Pap

In 1990s, the domestic development of HPP technology research, is currently in the development and application phase.

( Pulsed Electric Field,简称PEF)

Is a method of applying an instantaneous high intensity pulsed electric field to a liquid food in a special treatment chamber to kill the microorganism. General electric field intensity is 10 ~ 50kV/cm, pulse width is less than 100 mu s, the pulse frequency is less than a few thousand Hz. Its high field strength can be directly killed by microorganisms, its narrow pulse and low frequency to ensure that food warming is very small and very little electrochemical reaction, so as to maximize the natural flavor and nutritional ingredients of food.

(Oscillating Magnetic Fields, 简称OFM)

Static Magnetic Field SMF and Oscillating Magnetic Field, OMF  Capable of killing microorganisms. The strength of the static magnetic field does not change with time, the intensity of the magnetic field is the same. Oscillating magnetic field in the form of a pulse, each pulse is changed direction, the intensity of the magnetic field with the time decay to the initial 10%.

The mechanism of killing microorganisms on the magnetic field is generally believed that the strong magnetic field produced by an electric current, the charge distribution on the one hand disrupting the microbial cell membrane, thereby affecting the material into or out of the cells, on the other hand, the intracellular substances and water ionization to produce peroxides, so that the protein and enzyme denaturation, eventually destroying the cell structure. The magnetic flux density of the microorganism is 5 to 50T, and the pulse duration is 10 mu s to a few milliseconds. The maximum frequency is not more than 500MHz, because more than the value of heating began to become significant.

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