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In the school founded in 1958, is the production unit of the state plan. Only in China's development of nuclear weapons, is a comprehensive research institute to develop cutting-edge technology based defense set theory, test, design, production as one of the.

In the school there are 12 research institutes, more than and 100 research offices, more than and 30 production workshop, mainly engaged in the research and application of shock wave and Detonation Physics, plasma and laser technology, engineering and materials science, electronics and optoelectronics, computer and Computational Mathematics and other fields.

In the existing staff of the hospital staff of about 23000 people, including professional and technical staff of nearly 10 thousand people, nearly 9000 people skills. Existing Chinese Academy of Sciences, 11 people, 12 Chinese Academy of engineering. "Two bombs meritorious medal won the important leadership positions Yu Min, Wang Ganchang, Deng Jiaxian, Zhu Guangya, Chen Nengkuan, Zhou Guangzhao, Guo Yonghuai, open a way and Peng Huanwu served as outstanding scientists in our hospital.

Institute of technology transfer center, founded in early 2004; in April of the same year, CAEP and Jiuzhou electric group company, Mianyang science and technology city "two gold" management center jointly funded the establishment of the Sichuan technology limited liability company (referred to as "technical"), the implementation of "two brands, enterprise operating mode a team", to explore the development mode of comprehensive resources of CAEP as a support to the market as the foundation, technology transfer services and investment combination, become the first batch of national technology transfer demonstration agency and the national hi tech innovation service center.

Set up nine years ago, in the technology to cultivate a professional team engaged in technology transfer services and investment operations, has invested nearly 10 original in CAEP, with independent intellectual property rights of science and technology business incubator; build the west only to the national defense science and technology as the background of the demobilized people professional venture capital company; Ningbo science and Technology Park, Weihai science and Technology Plaza and other places in the technology transfer platform construction and the Mianyang Department of CAEP science and technology incubator base on inter regional distribution of resources complement, ability to support each other.

At the end of August 2008, the Institute of physics, the establishment of the Institute of technology transfer center Ningbo Branch Center, Sichuan, China and Ningbo Technology Co., Ltd. Branch, sent 4 employees stationed in Ningbo, start technology transfer business. In December 2008, Sichuan Technology Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Jiuding Investment Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Xingpeng copper material group invested 100 million yuan to set up Zhejiang in Jiuding technology incubator Limited (hereinafter referred to as "common in Jiuding").

Institute of technology transfer center in Ningbo in the center and Zhejiang Jiuding technology incubator limited to implement the "two brands, mode of operation of a team". In Jiuding China relying on the Academy of Engineering Physics, market oriented, create a professional team, is committed to building innovation relay network system, with "technology transfer based on science and technology investment as a means of science and Technology Park as the carrier, three-in-one, benign circulation, chain copy" business model, hope that after 5 to 10 years of hard work. Grow into effect and strength of the military and civilian integration of science and technology innovation system solutions for service providers.

March 2013, Institute of technology transfer center in Ningbo and the people's Government of Yinzhou District again, Ningbo applied technology research in laser and optoelectronic technology research institutions to build the market, focus on laser and photoelectric field, around the new laser and high-end equipment, new materials and photoelectric instrument etc. to carry out commercial innovation, along the industry chain the construction of innovation ability, in accordance with the accumulation of innovation resources of industrial clusters, to become a leading regional field of laser and photoelectric technology.

The main core business: 1, applied technology research; 2, public technical services; 3, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; 4, the introduction of high-end talent and training; 5, research cooperation

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